Company Information

Operator of e-shop W2go

Via-Sonnet s.r.o.
Mlynská 280, 925 22 Veľké Úľany, Slovakia

ID: 45 891168,
Tin: 2023135631

Supervisory and Supervisory Authority:

Central control and Testing Institute of Agricultural.
Matúškova 21, 833 16 Bratislava

Registration in the Business Register
District Court Trnava
In Section Ltd, in the Insert number 26932/T

Contact for complaints

caused during transport

If you wish to send claimed goods by post, please send to:
(Do not send items on delivery. Will not be collected.)

TALL logistický sklad
Pestovateľská 9, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

The procedure for complaint and withdrawal is given in commercial terms.

Contact prirodne premiove krmivo pre psov a macky

Professional Veterinary Consultant
MVDr. Vladimír Piskay,
+421 905 722247

Product Information
+421 911 700363

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