Our Creed

Our creed, or why the Way to go...

Life, in which it is constantly taking you home darling, or simply an animal with the perception, sensitivities and ability to communicate with you in any form, is simply a lifestyle. We have decided many years ago.

Yes, something we had to sacrifice, but we gained a lot.

We had to learn a lot if we wanted to be responsible owners and have a good feeling of what and how we do. We taught them for them, even because of them. Because we care about them…

We tried to continually improve, we were looking for what is good and healthy for both people and animals

The more they become part of our lives, the more we care about it, to live fully and as healthily as possible. They gave and give us a lot of joy, but we went through one sorrow. All of these experiences have changed our attitudes, have learned us to appreciate the values that we can be more unikali from the spotlight. They brought us into the lives of people of good and bad, wise and those who did not have this capacity. Those we listened to with admiration, even as we would never want to be.

Everyone taught us something.

If you meet a strong, wise and good person and if you inspire his thoughts, follow him.

Will make you a better and Hodnotnejšieho man. And if you think well, life will give you such personality to the path will bring…

We have learned to appreciate the professionalism in our lives, as well as love and relationship with the animals that always manifest and show in the approach, even in the results of your/our work.

Over the years we have gained experience

In a wide range of areas that relate not only to animal health but also to areas closely related to the everyday normal course of the household, where the pet is part of it. We have often combined a professional life with a hobby and enriched each other. Our passion has teamed us with interesting people who enthusiasm and great will to help together with their immense knowledge to create something that will bring health and prosperity to others.

By pursuing our Quadrupeds family members we have gradually changed our attitudes, our mindset, values and priorities. No, we are not “Slniečkári” and are no longer extremists in the diet, or access to life.

We care about their health, so we are looking for a way to prevent problems.

We also wish the vices that are not called Eco Bio Raw… But we know that, as for us, even for our animals, prevention and early treatment is particularly important. So, both for us and for them is an important balance and proper composition of the diet that is maximum safe, from uncontaminated natural ingredients. Starting with water, used to produce, or process food, and ending with the method of administration.

Prophylaxis and supportive treatment should be close to the body and body.

We try to make the maximum for the health of our animals.

The intelligence potential of high-tech veteriny, research and biotechnology professionals should be able to use the power of natural ingredients. Sounds challenging? And also is. But we decided for such a lifestyle and for these criteria. In the period of commerce and anonymous Korporátov it is not easy to find such products for people and even more difficult for animals. And if you only find them, do you guarantee that it is really so?

This is the way we want to go to increase their chances of healthy and full life. This is our Way to go…

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