Courier on order over €69 free

  • Nature +/€4.00
  • HIQ/€5.50

Slovak post when buying over €69 free

  • Nature +/€4.50
  • HIQ/€8.50


Courier on order over €100 free

  • Nature +/€4.50
  • HIQ/€8.50


Courier on order over €100 free

  • Nature +/€8
  • HIQ/€10

Transport of goods is handled by the transport company. We cannot meet specific delivery time requirements.

Transport and handling
All prices listed on the W2GO web portals include the statutory value Added tax (VAT) and are inclusive of handling.

When ordering in our online shop exceeding the amount of 69,-Eur you w2go will deliver the goods free of charge. A lump sum for shipping and handling will be charged for an order which does not exceed this amount.

Delivery of goods
Goods purchased via e Shop-W2go We supply goods only to end-users/private individuals.

The delivery time lasts if it is not otherwise marked, 3 to 4 working days from Vyexpedovania, no later than 10 days. This may affect the size and complexity of the goods. In the event that the ordered products are not shipped, since there are objective facts on the part of the w2go operator, the operator can withdraw from the contract. In this case, the W2go will inform the customer immediately and, if possible, offer a comparable product. If there is no comparable product available or the customer does not wish to supply this product, it shall pay the prevadzkovateľ to the customer without delay of any payments paid.

We send goods without customs duties within the EU. In order to deliver the shipments as quickly and as possible, it provides prevadzkovateľ W2go all Doručovateľským partners with an email address and phone number (if filled in) customers. This mediation is a necessary part of the contractual relationship with W2go. In connection with this customer has no right to choice or withdrawal. More information to do this can be found here: Privacy Policy.

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