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What is this document?
This Privacy Policy and Ecommerce Application (“Policy”) is an informative document, meaning it is not a source of obligation for customers and e-commerce applications (not a contract or Terms of Service).

The information contained in the rules is general. Detailed information on the processing of specific personal data is always available when it comes to the content of the clause on information located in a visible and easily accessible place. This applies in particular to the information on the purposes and legal basis of the processing of personal data, the period of retention and the recipients to whom the data were transferred.

Who is the administrator of your data?
Administrator of collected personal data:
– obtained through an online store and application (including the use of cookies or similar technologies) or other communication channels with the customer;
– Obtained on the basis of customer activity on the Internet or in an application
is Via-Sonet s.r.o., Mlynska 280, 925 22 Veľké Úľany, ID: 45891168 hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator” who is also the Seller.

Below the contact details, you can also contact the person responsible for data protection by email:

In the case of your additional consent, our partners may also be administrators of data obtained from your online activity using technologies such as cookies.

How do we handle your personal information?
Personal data of customers are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as ” GDPR “) and other regulations valid during the processing of some data. Personal information is information about an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”). An identifiable natural person is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by an identifier such as your name, identification number, address, Internet ID or one or more factors specific to physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of a natural person.

The administrator shall pay particular attention to the protection of the interests of the persons concerned and, in particular, ensure that the data he has collected are:
– processed in accordance with the law, fairly and transparently for the person concerned,
– collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and further untreated in a manner inconsistent with those purposes;
– proportionate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed;
– if necessary corrected and updated,
– kept in a form which permits the identification of the person concerned no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed;
– processed in a manner ensuring adequate protection of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage by appropriate technical or organizational measures.

As mentioned earlier, since the administrator is aware that privacy is important to customers, it protects the user’s data not only in the online store or in the application, but also customers who have provided their personal information to the administrator using other communication channels, : a. and any other Facebook-branded websites (including subdomains, international versions, widgets, and mobile versions) whose operating principles are based on the rules set out in com / legal / terms provided by Facebook Inc. or Facebook Ireland Limited (“Facebook Service”), including the use of Facebook advertising for direct marketing of own products or the services of a manager. Privacy and privacy policies for this service are available on Facebook, for example at: The administrator does not affect the content of the Facebook site conditions, including personal information.

Apps that allow the manager to run ad campaigns, including competitions, on Facebook sites.

What are the uses for you?
The purpose and extent of the data processed by the manager always results from customer or law approval and is further specified in the course of the steps the customer has taken in the online shop or other communication channels with the customer. For example:
– Customer’s personal data may be processed to provide, submit, or offer specialized offers and promotions, as far as possible, to his or her preferences (which may have a significant impact), only if the customer agrees (not available to people who did not express such consent);
– If the customer does not decide to purchase the products through an online store and only makes a reservation of the selected products, his personal details will not be made available to the carrier performing the shipment at the manager’s request.

The possible purposes of processing Customer’s Personal Data by the Administrator are in particular:
– Conclusion and implementation of a Service Agreement (Account) or action at the request of a future Customer before closing it (your data is processed to launch your account so that you can reap the benefits it offers, such as entering orders without completing forms, purchasing history, managing your permissions on the service, etc., and allowing us to use other services available on our website);
– the conclusion and fulfillment of the purchase contract or reservation or the action on customer’s request prior to the conclusion of the contract (your personal data are necessary for the execution of the order and the fulfillment of the contract – in particular, the confirmation of the order or the sending of the product and, if necessary, contact you in this matter);
– receiving and handling complaints;
– Conducting competition, in particular defining the winners of the competition and selling the prizes;
– Presentation of advertisements, offer of shares, support of services and the action of partners, subscribers, realization of all operations
– Presentation of advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) concerning the products or services of the manager and his collaborators (whose current list is included as part of the online store) to all recipients, in particular for the purpose of implementing the Newsletter Agreement;

– Activity Assessment and Analysis and Customer Information, including through automated processing of personal data (profiling), to provide generic ads, offers and promotional materials (discounts), products or services of the manager and its co-operating entities, which will be modified with a view to to the interests of the customer (without significantly affecting his / her decisions), in particular for the purpose of implementing Newsleeter’s contract and analyzing the market and statistics;
– tracking claims and defending rights, including third parties, if they use most of the features of the internet store and apps;
– Compliance with statutory obligations under laws, such as tax regulations and accounting, maintaining correspondence with customers, including customer response.
– In the case of a customer who is a member of the W2go club, personal data may also be processed with the additional consent of the W2go Club in order to present, create, award and realize as much as possible promotional, promotional or promotional actions (discounts) the services of the manager and his / her cooperating subjects adapted to his / her preferences (profiling).
– in the case of a customer who is a member of the w2go club, disclosing his or her data, subject to his / her consent, on the website, such as the promotion of the customer and the parts associated with his person, or activities such as advertising and promotion.
– Product Feedback on a page that is sent and made directly to customers in response to a product. It is a textual, photographic information in which the customer freely express his opinion, which is subsequently identifiable with his consent.

What information do we use about you?
In particular, the administrator can process the following personally identifiable information about customers:

using an online store or app:

– personal information provided in the form when registering an account, placing orders or making reservations in an electronic shop (in particular: name and surname, e-mail address, contact phone number, street address, home number, apartment number, postal code, business name / registered office [if different from delivery address], bank account number, and for non-consumer customers, company name and tax identification number [VAT ID / IČO]) and other data collected when using an online store or application;

– Personal information provided for use of the newsletter provided with the use of the contact form or provided when submitting a complaint.
– Personal data provided for participation in competitions;
– the personal details required for registration as a member of the W2go club;
– Other data obtained in particular on the basis of customer activity on the Internet, mobile applications, including those generated through the internet store, application, or other communication channels used by clients, using cookies and similar technologies to fill in the Facebook Lead Ads form. The user will provide the administrator with personal information, which may include, in particular: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number; which complete the data contained in applications and application forms that allow administrators to administer Facebook advertising campaign / competition services.

Do you always have to provide your data and what are the possible consequences if you do not?
The provision of Personal Data to Customers is voluntary in the Internet Store, but necessary for the use of certain features of our business, Creating an Order for Customers and implementing it (closing and implementing a Sales Agreement), registering an Account or creating a Reservation (signing and implementing a Service Agreement), signing up for the Newsletter or using our forms; sign up for a club; sign ups and news subscriptions or to draw club prizes, such as startup packages, discounts or contests.

The necessary data scope is always listed in the online store (specifying the data that is necessary for the conclusion of a contract / use of a specific function), other communication channels with the Customer or the Terms. The consequence of the lack of such Personal Data may be the inability to properly perform the required activities.

On what legal basis do we use information about you?
The basis for the processing of customer personal data is, above all, the need to execute a contract which is a party to the contract or to take action on its request before it is concluded (Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR). This applies in particular to the personal information provided in the registration form for the account, ordering and closing the purchase agreement, or for booking in the online shop as well as when subscribing to the newsletter. Also, in the case of Personal Data provided to us in connection with Customer’s complaint, the legal basis for their processing is the need to execute / serve a contract for the sale of the claimed goods.

In the case of processing for marketing purposes above, with the exception of those carried out under a newsletter governed by the Conditions, the fulfillment of the legitimate interests of the manager or its co-operating entities is the basis for such processing, in which case the cooperating entities do not participate in the processing of data client. On the other hand, if the partners of the trustee can have direct access to this information – the legal basis for such processing is the voluntary consent given to customers. On the other hand, the presentation, creation, provision and implementation of a customer-specific advertisement, offers or promotions (discounts) that can have a significant impact on consumers’ consumer choices are based solely on automated processing, including profiling and customization preferences, are based on voluntary customer consent. However, this applies only to adult / junior clients.

For other (other) purposes, personal data of the customer may be processed on the basis of:
– Voluntarily expressed consent – e.g. persons entering the competitions;
– legal obligation – if the processing is necessary to meet the statutory duty of the trustee, for example, when, based on tax or accounting rules, the manager accounts for concluded purchase contracts;
– Necessary for other purposes than those mentioned above resulting from the legitimate interests of an administrator or a third party, in particular in order to identify, enforce or defend the claims, to communicate with the customer through contact forms (including customer replies), market and statistical analyzes .

Are your data subject to profiling and what does it mean to you?
For the purpose of presenting generic advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts), designed for all customers, in a customized manner, the trustee may be familiar with his or her preferences, by analyzing how often it visits the online store and whether and what kind of products it buys or reserves. This allows a better understanding of the customer’s expectations and adaptation to his needs without significantly influencing his decision. The administrator will often take these steps in an automated way using modern technologies to make the content as up to date as possible and the customer can get to know it quickly.

For adult customers, this interest or preference analysis will also serve to create, deliver and implement specialized, highly customized ads, offers, or promotions (discounts) in an automated manner that can have a significant legal or legal effect and may limit other customers’ access (not available to customers who are not full or disagree with the use of data by the administrator). From simple profiling (ie customizing our news, banners to your interests), our actions are characterized by the fact that their outcome can significantly affect your choices as a consumer, Their result can be very beneficial, a temporary offer of goods exclusively for you based on your purchasing and behavior history on our website that other customers will not have access to. The more often the customer uses the services of a manager and purchases his products, the better the offers and surprises can be prepared for him.

To whom can we provide your data?
The list of recipients of personal data handled by the administrator depends primarily on the services that the customer uses.

The list of recipients of personal data also follows from the customer’s agreement or from the law, and is specified as a result of customer’s steps in the online store or application.

The processing of personal data can be limited to the participation of cooperating administrators, especially those who help to effectively operate an Internet shop or application, including customer communication (for example, support us when sending emails, and, in the case of advertising, also in marketing campaigns) , provider of hosting or data services, carriers or brokers of deliveries, entities providing electronic payments and credit card payments in the internet store, companies performing software servicing, marketing manager support campaign, as well as provider of legal services and counseling, economic department processing data for tax purposes.

Are your data also transferred to third countries (outside the European Economic Area)?
Administrators of tools used to support their current activities provided, for example, Google may transfer the customer’s personal data to countries outside of the European Economic Area, in particular to the United States of America (US) or any other country in which the entity cooperating with the administrator holds the personal data processing tools.

Appropriate protection of personal data transferred to administrators is ensured by the use of standard data protection clauses adopted on the basis of a European Commission decision and contracts conferring processing data that meet GDPR requirements. In the case of data transfers from Europe to the United States, some entities located there may, in addition, provide an adequate level of protection of personal data through so- privacy shields (for more information, visit: https: //

What are your rights?
Every customer has the right:
– filing a complaint with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data;
– the transfer of personal data, provided that it has been provided to the controller by the entities and which is processed in an automated manner, and is processed on the basis of consent or contractual relationship, such as another trustee;
– access to personal data (including information on which data is being processed);
– request for correction and limitation of processing (eg if the personal data are incorrect) or deletion of personal data (eg if they were unlawfully processed);
– appeal to each trustee for the consent given; the revocation of consent does not affect the processing performed by the administrator in accordance with the law prior to its revocation.
– to object to the processing of personal data concerning him / her, carried out for the purpose of realizing the legitimate interests of the manager or third party, especially for marketing purposes, including profiling (if there are no other important reasons for legitimate processing above the customer’s interest).

How long do we store your data?

Personal data may be retained during the use of the online store (and may be deleted after three years from the last customer’s activity in the online store) for marketing activities – until the objection has been filed with customers, and, in the case of cookies and the like, depending on technical issues until these files are deleted using browser / device settings (even if deleting files is not always the same as deleting personal data obtained through these files, and therefore a challenge is still possible).

If processing of personal data depends on the customer’s consent, personal data may be processed until the consent is revoked.

At any rate:
Personal data will be stored even when the law (eg accounting or tax regulations) obliges the trustee to process them;

Personal data will be retained longer in the event of any claim by the Visitor to the Administrator so that the Administrator can claim or be required to claim or defend against the claims of third parties, within the limitation period prescribed by law, in particular the Civil Code.

Depending on the scope of personal data and the purpose of processing, they may be stored for a different time.

In any case, the length of the retention of personal data is decisive.

Will your business information be sent (e.g., to your email address)?

Administrator has the technical ability to communicate with the client remotely (eg by email).

Business information regarding managers or affiliates and commercial activities can only be sent on the basis of customer consent, including acceptance of newsletter terms.

Who are the cookies?

Because the “cookies” technology used by the Administrator (or a cookie-like function) collects information about every person visiting the Online Store, including within the Application, the following provisions of the Terms apply to the user, who use the Internet Store and Application, regardless of whether they are Customer (ordering, booking products, or having an account) (“Visitor”).

What technology do we use?
The online store uses technology that stores and gains access to information on a computer or other network-connected device (in particular using cookies or similar features) to ensure maximum convenience when using the Internet Store, including for statistical purposes and customization to the visitor of the advertising content presented by the Administrator, his co-operating entities and advertisers. While visiting the Web Store, even within the Application, the visitor activity on the Internet can be automatically collected.

Because Administrator can use solutions similar to features like cookies, these provisions also apply to these technologies.

Do your cookies collect your personal information?
When a visitor uses an online store or an app, cookies are used to identify his browser or device – cookies collect all kinds of information that typically does not represent personal information (do not allow a visitor to identify). However, some information, depending on their content and usage, may be associated with a specific person – by assigning a certain behavior to a particular visitor, for example linking to the data provided when registering an account in an online store – and may be considered personal data.

With regard to information obtained by cookies that may be associated with a particular person, the provisions of the Privacy Policy apply, in particular as regards the rights of the person concerned. Information about data collected through cookies is also available in the content of an information clause placed in a visible and easily accessible place during the first visit to the online store.

On what legal basis are we using “cookies”?
Obtaining and storing information through cookies is possible based on the consent of the visitor. In the default settings of a web browser or other software installed on a computer or other device connected to the network, cookies are placed on such devices by default and thus collecting visitor information. In our web browser settings or as part of the privacy policy on our site, the consent expressed in relation to the use of cookies, including our partners, is changed or canceled at any time (but some parts of the store may not work properly). Revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was performed on the basis of consent prior to its revocation (for more detailed information on how to withdraw consent, please refer to the following sections of this policy). The basis for the processing of such data is the legitimate interest of the trustee in providing the best quality content submitted by the administrator by adapting it to the visitor preferences and the marketing of the products and services of the manager – including the direct or its partners, in which case the partners do not participate in the processing of client data. On the other hand, to the extent that the partners’ partners may have direct access to this information, the legal basis for such processing is the voluntary consent given to customers.

What do we use cookies for?
Use “cookies” are mainly to simplify the visitor’s use of the Internet business and applications, for example, that he “remember” information and they may not be re-presented, as well as enables you to customize the site content, including advertisements, user preferences. “Cookies” are also used to enhance the performance and personalization Web Store content and applications, including presentations, creating, placing and realization of advertisements, offers or actions (discounts) determination of the visitors according to their interests (only if the visitor is of the age and agrees).

By using cookie technology in the Internet Store, the Administrator can get familiar with Visitor preferences – for example by analyzing how often he visits the Internet Store. Internet Behavior Analysis helps you better understand the habits and expectations of your visitors and tailor their needs and interests. With this technology, visitors are presented ads that suit their needs and interests (such as advertising resulting from the recently viewed only in the category of “walking shoes”) and for an adult visitors that it has obtained the consent made a better offer and surprises.

Based on “cookies”, the Manager also uses technology that allows you to reach visitors who have previously visited the Internet Store or the Application at the time they visit other websites.

Can you prevent the use of cookie information?
The visitor may disagree with the above activities of the Administrator. If a visitor agrees to a presentation, including the creation, assignment, and execution of ads, offers, or actions (discounts) tailored to his or her preferences, he may withdraw consent at any time – but this does not affect the legitimacy of the processing that was done by consent prior to his recall.

What kind of cookies do we use to be harmful?
Cookies used in the e-shop are not harmful to the visitor or to the computer / terminal device they use, and therefore we recommend using them. The online store uses two types of cookies: session files that remain stored on your computer or visitor mobile device until you log out of the site or turn off the Web browser and persist that remain on the visitor’s device for the time specified in the cookie parameters or manually deleted in your web browser.

How long will the stored information be stored for “cookies”?
Personal information collected through non-Customer Visitor Cookies will be retained until the objection has been filed. The administrator may delete personal information if it is not used for marketing purposes for 3 years, unless the law requires the Administrator to process personal data longer.

A portion of the Personal Data may be retained longer in the event of a Visitor’s complaint against the Administrator in order for the Administrator to claim or be required to exercise or defend the claims of third parties, within the time limit prescribed by law, in particular the Civil Code.

The “cookies” used by Administrator are primarily used to optimize the Visitor Service while using the Internet Store or Application. However, the administrator works with other companies as part of their marketing (advertising) activity. For purposes of this collaboration, the browser or other software installed on the visitor’s device also stores cookies from executives of that marketing activity who may become a client’s personal data manager. The cookies sent by these entities should ensure that Visitors are only associated with ads , which meet their individual interests and needs. Administrator believes it is more attractive for visitors to view personalized ads than non-customized ads. Without these files, this would not be possible because the companies working with the Administrator are sending advertising content to Visitors.

How to remove / block cookies? A visitor may change the way cookies are used by expressing consent as part of our privacy settings on our website or browser or app, including blocking or removing those that come from the Internet store (and other websites). Change your browser settings or Apps to do so. The removal method varies depending on the web browser you are using. Information on how to delete cookies should be placed in the “Help” tab of your selected web browser. Removing cookies is not the same as deleting personal data from cookies cookies.

For example, in Internet Explorer, cookies can be modified from: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy; in Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy; while in Google Chrome: Settings -> View advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Cookies. Access paths may vary, depending on the version of the browser you are using.

For detailed information on managing cookies on a mobile phone or other mobile device, refer to the User’s Guide / User’s Guide for that phone or mobile device.

It is also possible to block third-party cookies at the same time as accepting cookies directly from the administrator (“block third-party cookies” option).

What are the consequences of removing or blocking cookies?
Restricting the use of cookies on a device prevents or significantly impedes the proper use of an online store, for example, may be associated with the inability to maintain a login session.

How can you contact us?
At any time, you can contact the administrator by sending a message by traditional mail or by email to the administrator’s address at the beginning of

In the case of contacting the Administrator to perform specific steps (e.g., submitting a claim using the form), the Administrator may again request the provision of data, including personal information such as name, surname, e-mail address, etc., to verify the identity of the interviewer, bindings on the matter and the execution of the desired action. The provision of these data is not mandatory but may be necessary to carry out the required activity or to obtain the information requested by the person.

How do we protect your data?
The administrator, taking into account the state of technical knowledge, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing and the risk of breaching the rights or freedoms of persons with different likelihood of occurrence and severity of the threat, applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed personal data corresponding to threats and categories the data covered by the protection, in particular, protects the data from being made available to unauthorized persons, misuse by unauthorized persons, processing in violation of applicable laws and change, loss, damage or destruction. Providing information on technical and organizational measures that provide protection for external processing may disrupt their effectiveness, which compromises the proper protection of personal data.

For example, the administrator electronically uses the following technical measures to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining and changing their personal data:

Securing a data file against unauthorized access.

SSL certificate on the internet store pages where personal information is reported.

Encrypt data used to authorize a person using Internet shop functions.

Account access only after entering an individual login and password.

Links to other websites
The online store may contain links to other websites. The administrator prompts you to read the terms and privacy policies used by other websites. These policies apply only to those manager activities.

Can this policy change and how do you know it?
The administrator may change the Rules in the future for the following reasons:
– Changes to existing legislation, in particular in the area of ​​personal data protection, telecommunication law, electronically supplied services and regulating consumer rights, affect the rights and obligations of the trustee or the rights and obligations of the person concerned.
– development of functionality or e-services dictated by the development of Internet technologies, including the application / implementation of new technological or technical solutions that affect the Terms.

Every time the Terms changes, the administrator always places information about changes in the online store and app. Each change will show the new version of the Terms with a new date.

Since this version of the Rules applies?
This version is valid from 1.9.2018

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