Bed Dudek Night

Dimensions: 61 x 53 x 20cm. Dark gray color.

If you are a supporter of a classic pen, we have a stylish, high-quality finish for you. Sturdy and very stable peeles will certainly satisfy those who are demanding for aesthetic design and have high demands on the practical side – maintenance.

Two color variants in the babies’ summer – Indian style. Make a nice complement of your housing from your bed. Choose a light gentle variant or an elegant dignified dark variant.

A solid design will bring terrain conditions and stability, for example when traveling in a car. Bed is bigger, but it keeps the brush very easy even with standard detergents and disinfection.

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Surface: Women 85% polyester, 15% cotton 260g; Sleeping pad 100% polyester, 210g velvet; Bottom: 80g nonwoven fabric – black color; Filling polyurethane foam-brown

Maintenance instructions

Inside padding – padding – made of soft and elastic brown foam. Regular cleaning, washing and maintenance preserve the excellent properties of this material. The foam can be washed with a mild detergent at 40 ° C. Use of non-aggressive disinfection is permitted. Please note that some disinfectants may interfere with the color stability of the fabric. Do not use chemically aggressive detergents. The mattress should be thoroughly rubbed and then allowed to dry freely. We do not recommend using the dryer. It’s up to you if you decide to wash the sticks in the washing machine – if it has that capacity. However, observe the recommended temperature. We recommend preferring by hand or dry cleaning. Do not iron. Do not expose to higher temperatures. It is not necessary to remove the filler before washing. However, it is important to dry the hair thoroughly. Though the fabric is very durable, it may cause fumes to develop over time. Creating jam can not be completely avoided, so there is no reason to complain. For normal and uncomplicated maintenance, the coating can be brushed with a brush for upholstery. When handling the pellet, be careful not to damage the bottom water-resistant layer. Do not expose it to a sharp subject.


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