What is W-quality products?


Controlled quality of input raw materials used.
Regular cross-check of the quality of all input materials and production processes. Check certificates required also from raw material suppliers. With regard to product cleanliness, we do not create any room for alibism. Comparative certification from independent agencies from different EU countries. Certificates: ISO: 9001, 14001, 22000; HACCP, TIC. If you're worried about product quality, you do not have to worry about it anymore. We take care of you. And as you can see, we do it rigorously!


Made by top expert veterinarians and breeders, based on their own professional experience


For each product there are years of research and targeted efforts to solve a specific problem


Patent protection is not in the hands of commercial corporations, but in the hands of recognized professionals-veterinarians.


Products that we will surely offer to our own pets, because we care about them.


We care about choosing products. Our primary goal is to help and not to do business.


We prefer the natural composition of products and products without environmental burdens.

Kontrolovaná kvalita použitých vstupných surovín
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