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The claw is among the skin bodies along with nášľapnými pads. The finger case forms a claw that occurs on all fingers. It is formed by a corner tulcom claw and a claw bone. Because the dog došľapuje on personnel pads, the claw is basically the only defensive system. But it can make problems and sometimes have no pain to your dog.

How about claws to properly care?

First of all, care should be taken not to be too long. They are dogs who get claws obrúsia themselves, but they are also such (mainly small and light dog breeds) that need to be pazúriky shortened.

Whether you dare yourself or leave it to your vet (or cutting salon), always make sure you avoid excessive shortening to prevent damage to the blood vessel.

Damage to the coil causes bleeding and soreness and for the dog's unpleasant memory.

Some owners complain that their dog can’t cut pazúriky. This is probably because he has already had an unpleasant experience of shattered shit.

The advantage are bright claws because they have a visible red-pink core. In black pigmented claws cut prefer less or edit called. To twice.

Wolf Claw

The inner side of the back limb sometimes appears so called. Wolf Claw. This claw is slightly higher. Sometimes a puppy is born even with a double vlčím claw.

The Wolf Claw is up to a few stud exceptions (Beauceron, Briard…), undesirable and removed operatively. It is not a difficult act, but must be done as soon as possible. Experienced breeders can cope with this as soon as the puppies are born. In any case, neotáľajte and contact the veterinarian. The sooner the better.

Never use scissors for humans

Injury to the claws, or their fracture is always better consulted with a veterinarian.

Did you know?

Using ordinary shears occurs fragmentation flint. This can then lead to damage and severe painful inflammation.