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The overheating of the dog can come very quickly and easily. The most common case is the overheating of the dog’s body in a closed car. If it shines on a parked sun car, the temperature inside is soaring in a few minutes to 60 ۫ C (even more), and in that case the life of the dog is acutely threatened.

Leaving a dog in a closed car in the sun is animal cruelty!

During the summer months, we often witness the overheating of the dogs at the exhibitions, especially if the demonstration takes a long time on the open, sun-heated area or in poorly ventilated pavilions, where it mainly suffers from longhair dogs and breeds with a shortened with Budesonide nasaling Bunch (called Brachycephalické breeds). Here, however, it is only for the dog owner to recognise the symptoms of overheating of the organism in a timely manner and does not exhibit the dog’s adverse environmental impact.

Also, let’s not forget about dogs attached to sheds and unshielded pens (yes, this is still a “normal phenomenon”) without the possibility of being hidden in the shade. On access to water or not to mention.

And last but not least I want a little appeal to the work of Výcvikárov, in which the dog overheating occurs very quickly even due to excessive physical burden.

Symptoms of overheating

  • Accelerated Breath
  • Vyplazený language
  • Foam in the oral cavity
  • The expression of jitters to panics alternating Skleslosťou
  • Trying to miss out from an unfavorable environment
  • Increased heart rate
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea

First Aid for overheating

  • Place the dog in a cooler
  • Environment (shadow, hallway, cellar)
  • ensure ventilation
  • Allow the collar
  • Remove the foam from the oral cavity
  • Submit Water
  • Attach a cold poultice, pour the paws with alcohol
  • Seek veterinary Surgeon!

You know that

There are many “cooling” preparations for dogs in the market? For example, a fan in cages, refrigeration pads, cooling vests, scarves and collars.