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Some important liver function

Thistle – Extract – currently the strongest concentrate on our market

The pink thistle, which we grow many, may not be just an ornamental flower in our gardens. It also has valuable healing effects. It not only restores liver cells, but also fights infections and helps in migraine and depression. It is also called Silybum Marian, Ostropestred, Silver thistle, or Christ’s crown.

The miracle substance in this herb is silymarin,

Which is a powerful antioxidant and helps not only with liver problems but also in restoring liver membrane cells.

It can miraculously regenerate liver cells and protect them. It will dramatically improve your blood count and everything related to blood cells and immunity.

Improves digestion by increasing the excretion of digestive enzymes. It will help in diseases of the lymphatic system.

Also, thistle increases the excretion of bile and relieves the body of accumulated toxins.