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Wounds, Pohryznutie. Avoid placing their infection

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Almost everyone of us has already found themselves in a situation where our dog killing (whether the battle provoked or was just a “victim”). If we have been able to successfully separate dogs and no one – including us – Neutŕžil no scratch or injury, we can congratulate you.

But what if our dog figuratively a few wounds? Providing a general advice is very difficult as each conflicting situation is different and requires individual treatment.

If dogs are zahryznutéed, try to act wisely, do not charge or pull dogs, because we can cause much more injury, resulting in a separation of skin from the substrate with a subsequent longer treatment period.

If we are not sure if the wounds that the dog in the battle figuratively are deep or not, let's prefer to assess the vet.

Wounds often seem less at first glance than they actually are.

Then you need to cut the hair in her surroundings and possibly coat it into the wound to pick it out. The vet around the wound znecitlivie, so do not worry that your dog would feel more pain. Most wounds pohryzením to the neck, but there are cases where the veterinarian has to enlarge the wound for better access (and cleanup) and then darn. It then also requires the administration of antibiotics.

Wounds should be kept dry (prevent excessive lízaniu dogs) and clean.

Most of all, you just have to blow every day to check and use some disinfectant backfill or today still a very underrated honey bee. Vyvarujme mainly for long-term use e.g. Hydrogen peroxide or iodine-based products (Betadine). These are the resources called. “First aid” and for longer-term use are also disturbed by healthy cells and thus the healing can slow down.

Holes on the teeth without treatment by a veterinarian may be even more treacherous in that they are quickly closed and the process of infection develops under the skin. There are various large abscesses that need to be opened and professionally treated.

If the wounds are stapled, remember roughly after 10 days to go give the pick stitches.

Did you know?

The abscess is created shortly 1-2 days after the accident. But also later. It appears as a soft, pronounced lump – swelling at the site of the wound. Underneath it forms the pus that needs to get the bottom of the wound the sooner!