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First Aid

Basic physiological data

Basic measurable physiological data include temperature, pulse and breath.

Temperature In dogs is measured by a thermometer in the anus and its value should not be higher than 38, 5 ˚ C, for puppies we can tolerate a temperature of 39 ˚ C.

We must keep in mind that the temperature can also rise the influence of stress. For most dogs this is for example waiting in the waiting room veterinary ambulance.

It is traditional that the body temperature can be estimated according to the temperature and humidity of the nose. Normally the dog’s nose is really cold and moist, but as the health indicator is unreliable. A transiently warm nose (e.g. shortly after waking) may not be far from being a symptom of a worsening health or even illness.

Pulse Measurement (The artery on the inner side of the dog’s thigh) has no justification for the owners.

Any change in the frequency or quality of breath should be consulted with the veterinarian.

Symptoms of diseases

The dog’s disease is manifested by either clearly visible, striking Acute symptoms, or unobtrusively, slow or even irregular, so called. Chronically.

Acute symptoms – There are sudden changes. The dog owner should respond immediately and visit the veterinary surgeon.

Acute symptoms

  • Collapse, collapse
  • Occasional vomiting, poor digestion
  • Alternating diarrhea
  • Bleeding
  • Weight loss when well-preserved taste
  • to food
  • Increased fluid intake
  • Claudication

Acute disease often threatens the dog directly in life, but in chronic diseases it is just a time slip treacherous in the fact that we can come up with the dog to the vet when it is too late, although it does not look at first.

We’ve gotten used to that at home we have „handy“ kit. However, it is equipped with všakovakými medicines and medical devices that serve us people, if we have their boľačku. And what about the dog? It is a living organism and has problems with health as well as man. Our pills „on the head“ or the soda soda doesn’t need it. And those grazes, petty wounds, what the dog can bring home from the usual walks! There are situations where a humane aid kit is not enough. We learn that the responsibility of the dog is also responsible for his health. Let us have always available PSIU KitWhere we find what in that our, human, we will look unnecessarily.

First aid kit

  1. 90% alcohol solution for wound disinfection, or 2% hydrogen peroxide or Betadine (Jódový solution)
  2. Antibiotic ointment or backfill
  3. Odčervovacia pill
  4. Flea Preparation
  5. Ear cleaning Product
  6. Eye Cleansing Product
  7. Ointment for foot Pads
  8. Dressing, Band-aid
  9. Scissors with round tip
  10. Tweezers
  11. Tongs for removing ticks
  12. Thermometer